Full Repertoire

A comprehensive listing of solo and chamber works
performed by Dr. Laura Patterson in concert.

Solo Works

Adler, Samuel – Canto VIII
Bach, J. S. – Partita in a minor, BWV 1013
Bach, J. S. – Sonata in b minor, BWV 1030
Bach, J. S. – Sonata in Eb Major, BWV 1031
Bach, J. S. – Sonata in C Major, BWV 1032
Bach, J. S. – Sonata in e minor, BWV 1034
Bach, J. S. – Sonata in E Major, BWV 1035
Barber, Samuel – Canzone
Boehm, Theobald – Variations on a Theme by Schubert, Op. 21
Bourne, Francis – Carmen Fantasy
Bozza, Eugène – Image
Burton, Eldin – Sonatine
Chaminade, Cecil – Concertino
Clarke, Ian – Orange Dawn
Colquhoun, Michael – Charanga
Corigliano, John – Pied Piper Fantasy
Debussy, Claude – Syrinx
Doppler, Franz – Fantaisie Pastorale Hongroise, Op. 26
Dutilleux, Henri – Sonatine pour flûte et piano
Enesco, Georges – Cantabile et Presto
Feld, Jindrich – Sonata for flute and piano
Ferroud, Pierre-Octave – Trois Pieces pour flute
Franck, César – Sonata for flute and piano
Higdon, Jennifer – rapid.fire
Hindemith, Paul – Acht Stücke
Honneger, Arthur – Danse de la chevre
Hüe, Georges - Fantaisie
Gaubert, Philippe – Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
Ibert, Jaques – Concerto for flute and orchestra
Ibert, Jaques – Piece
Jolivet, André – Chant de Linos
Kuhlau, Friedrich – Divertissment No. 5
Marais, Marin – Les folies d’Espagne
Martin, Frank - Ballade for flute and orchestra
Mercadante, Saviero – Concerto in e minor, Op. 57
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Concerto in G Major, K. 313
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Concerto in D Major, K. 314
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus – Andante in C Major, K. 315
Muczynski, Robert – Sonata for flute and piano, Op. 14
Nielsen, Carl – Concerto for flute and orchestra, D. F. 119
Prokofiev, Sergei – Sonata for flute and piano, Op. 94
Poulenc, Francis – Sonata for flute and piano
Sancan, Pierre – Sonatine pour flûte et piano
Schubert, Franz – Variations on “die Trockne Blumen”
Taktakishvili, Otar – Sonata for flute and piano
Telemann, Georg Philipp – Suite in a minor
Tulou, Jean-Louis – Grand Solo No.5, Op. 74
Widor, Charlies-Marie – Suite, Op. 34

Chamber Works

Andriessen, Louis – Workers Union
Barber, Samuel – Summer Music for wind quintet
Berio, Luciano – Opus Number Zoo for wind quintet
Bermel, Derek – Wanderings for wind quintet
Crumb, George – Vox Balaenae for flute, cello, and piano
D’Rivera, Paquito – Aires Tropicales for wind quintet
De Pablo, Luis – Ouverture á la Française for flute and saxophone
Ferris, William – Lux Aeterna for flute and viola
Ibert, Jaques – Entre’acte for flute and guitar
Fine, Irving – Partita for wind quintet
Francaix, Jean – Wind Quintet No. 1
Francaix, Jean – Woodwind Quartet
Henry, Evan – Two Studies on Japanese Music
Higdon, Jennifer – Steely Pause for flute quartet
Hindemith, Paul – Kleine Kammermusik for wind quintet
Hisatome, Tomoyuki – Merry Bacteria Music for flute/piccolo and saxophone
Jacob, Gordon – Four Old Tunes for woodwind quartet
Koechlin, Charles – Epitaph de Jean Harlow for flute, saxophone, and piano
Kuehn, Mikel – Crack for flute, saxophone, and electronics
Lacour, Guy – Entr’acte for flute and saxophone
Ligeti, Georgi – Six Bagatelles for wind quintet
Lewis, George – Anthem
Maslanka, David – Quintet for Winds No. 2
Reich, Steve - Clapping Music
Reilly, Terry – In C
Rorem, Ned – Eleven Pieces for Eleven Players
Rossé, François – Aka for flute and saxophone
Saint-Saëns, Camille – Caprice on Russian and Danish Airs for flute, oboe, clarinet, and piano
Sammartini, Giovanni Battista – Sonata in G Major for flute and guitar
Scelsi, Giancinto – Rucke di Guck for piccolo and soprano saxophone
Schulhoff, Erwin – Concertino for flute, viola and double bass
Villa-Lobos, Heitor – Distribution des fleurs for flute and guitar